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Agriturismo in Italy
Staying in an agriturismo in Italy is a truly unique experience that will allow the visitor who is looking for Italian holiday accommodation to make the most of the beautiful countryside and enjoy the fabulous scenery that is to be found all over the country!

In 1985, the Italian government passed a law encouraging struggling farmers to convert their unprofitable farmhouses or derelict farm buildings into holiday accommodation, allowing town-based families and foreign tourists who were looking for places to stay in italy to experience Italian agriturismos and appreciate something of rural life.

An Italian agriturismo is required to feed its guests with fresh produce, largely grown on the estate, and to provide some kind of rural experience such as olive harvesting, wine production, fruit growing, farming or horse riding. There is a wide range of fascinating activities to be found with this kind of Italian agriturismo.

Agriturismi are often found in beautiful surroundings and many of the buildings have been renovated to a high standard while keeping much of their original rural charm. When looking for places to stay in Italy, the location of the agriturismi within the different regions can provide some fascinating contrasts. An agriturismo in Tuscany is likely to be set in a traditional tuscan farmhouse amid rolling hills and avenues of cypress trees. On the other hand, an agriturismo located in Puglia may well be based around a series of Trulli, the traditional, circular shaped houses that are peculiar to that region. Agriturismi in Sardinia, Umbria, Sicily, Basilcata and Abruzzo offer equally contrasting Italian holiday accommodation.

Wherever the agriturismo is located, you can be assured of a warm welcome, fresh air, unspoilt countryside, home-grown food and above all, very good value for Italian countryside accommodation!

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