Regional foods - Lombardy

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Regional foods - Lombardy
Ossobuco alla Milanese - Photo: Dirk Ingo Franke

Rice is popular in Lombardy, often found in soups as well as risotto. The best known version is risotto alla milanese, flavoured with saffron and typically served with many typical Milanese main courses. There are areas of Lombardy where they will not eat rice but instead eat polenta or green pasta.

Intensive cattle rearing takes place in the central plains of Lombardy therefore making veal and beef plentiful and popular. One famous dish is Ossobuco alla Milanese which is a dish of braised veal shanks.

As well as being home to gorgonzola cheese the region also produces robiola, crescenza and taleggio cheeses.

Butter and cream are used more than in many other regions, possibly due to the large number of cattle. One pot dishes are also popular here.

Gorgonzola cheese - Photo: Jon Sullivan

Pasta is eaten and one very traditional dish, nearly always served at festivals, is Tortelli di Zucca (ravioli stuffed with pumpkin).

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