Italian News Headlines 26-09-2023 - Cosa Nostra mafia boss, Messina Denaro, has died of colon cancer at the age of 62. He was being held in a maximum security prison after 30 years on the run. He was responsible for dozens of murders including those of anti-mafia magistrates, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino --- Giorgio Napolitano, the only Italian President to be elected twice, has died in Rome at the age of 98 --- Italian Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, met with European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, on the Italian island of Lampedusa to discuss the European refugee crisis after more than 7,000 migrants arrived from Tunisia in a single week --- Venetian authorities vote to introduce 'ticket only' access to the city from 2024 --- A man who posted a video of himself carving his name into the wall of the Colosseum, while his girlfriend watched, has been identified as living in Britain --- Following the death of Silvio Berlusconi, on June 12th, Antonio Tajani will be appointed the new president of Forza Italia --- Silvio Berlusconi, 4 times Italian prime minister, has died at the age of 86 from complications resulting from Leukaemia --- Extreme weather in Emilia-Romagna has led to 14 dead and 35,000 displaced. There are 500 roads closed and over over 300 sites at risk of landslides --- Two new victims of the Vesuvius eruption in 79AD have been discovered during excavations in Pompei
About Italy

Welcome to Understanding Italy

About Italy

'Understanding Italy' is full of information to help you find out all about Italy, the Italian people and Italian life.

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
Altare della Patria

Finding out about Italy will provide a lifetime of interest and entertainment. It is a journey that will examine the history of Italy, its complex politics and the whole spectrum of italian culture. It will explore the wonderful, contrasting landscapes of the Italian countryside, the unique pleasures of Italian food and Italian wine, and the extraordinary warmth and hospitality of the Italian people.

Italian People

The Italian people are extremely attractive, open, warm-hearted and welcoming. They are sincere, sensitive and value style over fashion. They are extremely hard-working and very concientious, and they work hard to maintain the traditions and values that they were brought up with.

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
Italian people

The most important thing to Italians is their family and they will meet up with their extended family as often as they can. They are very animated, energetic and talkative, often carrying on several conversations at the same time. They are also extremely tactile and very affectionate with little concept of personal space.

Italians are deeply loyal to the comune, province and region in which they live. Often to the extent of dismissing any good qualities belonging to other regions. There is a phrase for it in Italy: 'Campanilismo' (the love of one's own bell-tower). This loyalty seems to last forever, passing on through the generations, even when the family emmigrated many years before.

History of Italy

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy

Finding out about the history of Italy includes many of the most significant and memorable events of European history such as: the rise and fall of the Roman Empire; the birth of Christianity; the destruction of Pompei and Herculaneum by Mount Vesuvius; the emergence of the Venetian superpower; Napoleon Bonaparte; Garibaldi's unification of Italy and the rise of Fascism under Mussolini.

Italian Culture

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
The Last Supper

Finding out about the culture of italy is very rewarding. Italian culture is extraordinarily rich and is recognised and celebrated around the world with the writings of Virgil, Plutarch and Dante, the great paintings, sculptures and architecture of the Renaissance masters, the unique genius of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Galileo and the sublime music of Rossini, Verdi and Puccini. But Italian culture is not all in the past... Today, Italy has a vibrant, home-grown music industry and is a world leader in cinema, fashion design and engineering.

Tourism in Italy

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
The Colosseum

Business Class Consolidator is perfect for tourists wanting to visit Italy. Rome, with the wonderful sites of the Colosseum, the Basilica of St Peter and the Trevi fountain guarantees an unforgettable holiday. Visitors going further afield to Lake Como, Venice, Siena, Amalfi, Naples and Sicily will experience the stunning variety of scenery, and the many unique cultural sites that Italy has to offer. Many of these iconic locations are available on depositphotos. Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world! You will find plenty of information about italian tourist sites in our pages.

Italian Life

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
Italian property

For people interested in moving to Italy and enjoying 'La Dolce Vita', there are many options available. Houses in many parts of Italy are very affordable and can be set in some stunning locations. If moving to a rural location it is important to learn Italian and get involved in Italian life as much as possible as few Italians will speak English outside of the larger centres. As with all other aspects of Italian life, the style of houses will vary considerably from region to region. A farmhouse in Tuscany is very different from a converted Trullo in Puglia or a Masseria in Sicily. Prospective buyers need to do their homework when choosing a property and should also take advantage of professional legal advice to navigate the complex and unfamiliar purchasing process. Having made the move, life in Italy is very rewarding and living among the Italian people is a constant pleasure.

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Italian Food & Wine

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
Italian food

Traditional Italian food is an important part of Italian life and includes pasta, salami, pizza and ice cream, olives, pesto and Sicilian Caponata as well as fresh fish and meat. Italian fruit and vegetables are bursting with freshness, taste and smell, and the famous wines of Italy: Chianti, Valpolicella and Barolo glow deep red in the Italian sunshine.

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
Vineyard in Tuscany

Enjoy Italy!

Italy is a land rich in culture, history and beauty. From the majestic mountains of Aosta, to the sublime beaches of Calabria, it is an unmatchable experience that once experienced, will never be forgotten. Explore our site and find out about the wonderful country of Italy!

Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy
Gran Paradiso

The Best Italian Handmade Gifts
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Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy

More Details

Where is Italy?

Transfer of money to Italy

The currency used in Italy is the Euro. You can transfer money to Italy through an overseas SWIFT transfer, but if you are moving large quantities of money, you should consider the rates provided to you by banks for wire transfers are normally sub-par. There are alternative methods of transferring money abroad available on

Where is Italy? Italy is located in southern Europe. To the north, Italy is bordered by France, Switzerland (casinò online svizzera legali), Austria and Slovenia. To the south, the famous, boot-shaped Italian peninsular extends out into the Mediterranean sea.

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Italy, italian people, italian life, about italy, italians
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