Top 5 Slot Games Bonus Rounds

Top 5 Slot Games Bonus Rounds

We love slot machine games, but do you know what’s even better? When you get the sweet bonus round on your favourite game! Over the years we have seen thousands of bonus rounds included on many classic games, and we’ve been challenged to pick our five favourites on online casinos that accept UK players.

With so much choice it’s not going to be easy – read on to found out our picks!

What is a slot games bonus round?

Bonus rounds in slot games are a huge favourite of ours. They reward players who hit a certain payline with mysterious bonus features to break away from the standard cycle of the game and give you something different. These bonus rounds feature a broad range of features that you won’t find in the standard rounds, including:

  • Unique music and sounds that you’ve never heard before
  • New symbols and paylines that don’t exist in the standard game
  • Guaranteed pay-outs!

You heard that last one correct – slot games bonus rounds generally will include some form of guaranteed pay-out. Don’t get too excited though – these slot games developers aren’t idiots, so they’re not going to let you cash out the whole machine! However, it’s guaranteed that you will win something, whether that’s some free spins or £50!

Our Top 5 Picks

Without further ado, let’s get into some classic bonus rounds that managed to top our list:

No. 5: Pharaoh’s Fortune - This classic Egyptian-themed online slot machine has a bonus round that is truly special - you will enter the Pharaoh’s Tomb where you have the opportunity to increase your number of free spins and multipliers!

No. 4: Jurassic Park: Everyone loves dinosaurs, and this bonus round truly packs a punch. After landing three amber scatter symbols, you will receive a whopping 12 free spins which include the potential to spin the Bonus T-Rex and truly win big. Rawr!

No 3: Game of Thrones - We're huge fans of this fantasy epic, and it's bonus round doesn't disappoint! After hitting three Iron Thrones, you will be subject to free spins, re-triggered spins and multipliers! Winter is coming...

No. 2 Pink Panther - If you hit this classic bonus payline you will be given the chance to open safes that could contain free games, expanding wilds and multipliers across a whopping four bonus rounds! Now that’s what I call a bonus.

No 1 Family Guy – Finally, we have to say that our absolute favourite slot bonus round would be that of Family Guy – if you hit the bonus payline, you will see cartoon Stewie spinning a globe to reveal which bonus you will receive. Along with the crisp cartoon graphics and the hilarious comedy, the ‘Drunken Clam’ bonus gives you the opportunity to win up to 1000x your original bet. That is HUGE!!!

Billy Bonus Bangers

Overall, there’s a huge history of epic bonus rounds and they are here to stay! Make sure you check out these absolute classics, and don’t forget to keep your eyes out for the next big things! We hope you hit that billy bonus banger ASAP!

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