What are the winning bingo patterns?

What are the winning bingo patterns?

It is hard to imagine a British family night without bingo. The widely popular game has been a part of the culture in the UK since the mid 20th century. Excitement is guaranteed in this game of chance where the winning number might be drawn at any moment - also play Three Musketeers Slot.

Bingo is played in a variety of different settings. This could be a risk-free game between friends or family where no money is wagered but the fast-paced game is enjoyed nonetheless. However, bingo is the most popular when played for real money in one of the bingo halls in the UK or online.

To win in bingo, a player must complete one of the winning patterns on their bingo card. In this article, you will find descriptions of these winning patterns. Keep reading to find out about the different possibilities within bingo and prepare yourself for winning!

90 Ball Bingo

Amongst the many versions of bingo, 90 Ball Bingo is the most popular variant in the UK. Also known as "housie", this is a true UK classic that has been a favourite with many Brits since its introduction in the 1950s.

90 Ball Bingo is usually a fast-paced game, more so than the other variants. For this reason, some extra concentration is required when playing 90 Ball Bingo, especially for beginners who might be getting used to the layout of the cards and sharpening their reflexes. What is good about 90 Ball bingo is that it only has 3 winning patterns! This way you can enjoy bingo without overcomplicating it. Here are the winning patterns in 90 Ball Bingo:

  • One line – when a player daubs off a horizontal line on one of their cards.
  • Two lines – when a player daubs off 2 horizontal lines on one of their cards.
  • Full house – when a player daubs off an entire bingo card.

75 and 80 Ball Bingo

The variety of bingo games doesn't end with the 90 Ball version. Next in line is 75 Ball Bingo which is the more popular variant in the US and Canada but is also available to UK players.

This game is normally played at a more relaxed pace and there are only 75 numbers in the game which suggests that winning patterns might be achieved faster.

75 Ball Bingo stands out with the range of winning patterns that are possible. Where all 90 Ball games have the same 3 winning patterns, the 75 Ball version can have hundreds of them depending on the provider! 75 Ball Bingo winning patterns are announced before the game commences. Here are some commonly found patterns:

  • Four corners – the player daubs off the 4 corners of their bingo card.
  • Full House – the player fully daubs off the entire bingo card.
  • Outer Edge – the spaces that "frame" the bingo card are daubed off.
  • Special patterns – these are patterns that bingo providers creatively come up with to spice up the game. This could be letter patterns, for example, the letter "A", or the shape of a cocktail glass, or a shape of a diamond, and so on.

Other versions such as 80 Ball bingo also fall into this category where more than 3 winning patterns are possible.


When playing the classic 90 Ball Bingo, players can rest assured that there are only 3 winning patterns no matter what provider they are playing with. However, when playing different versions of bingo, players should always check which winning patterns are to be aimed for as they will differ greatly between games.

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