Regional foods - Basilicata

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Regional foods - Basilicata
Basilicata was once a very poor region but the inhabitants were strong and survived many onslaughts, always making the best of what they had. The food of Basilicata is varied and delicious and the locals are masters of making something out of nothing.

Pork is an integral part of Basilicata's cuisine and is roasted on spit, grilled and is always made into the mouth watering sausages for which the region has become reknowned. Mutton, lamb, kid and rabbit are also popular and these too are cooked quickly and simply.

Both salt water and fresh water fish are eaten and as elsewhere in southern Italy the humble tomato plays a large part in the diet here. Pasta sauces are either meat or vegetables and the spicy peperoncino is incorporated into many of them.

Beautiful mountain cheeses are made here and are often served with a delicious array of cured meats and thick slices of the local bread, which comes in giant sized loaves.

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