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Regional foods - Campania
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Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza...

The capital of Campania is Naples and it was here, many centuries ago that an unknown street baker invented the pizza. He was never recognised for his invention but the pizza is now popular world wide and is known as the 'ultimate street food'.

Campania produces tomatoes, peppers, spring onions, potatoes, artichokes, fennel, lemons and oranges all of which take on the flavour of the fertile volcanic soil and grow to gigantic proportions.

Campanians like to refer to their diet as the 'food of the people' and it is true to say that most dishes from this area are colourful and cheerful. One such dish is 'Aqua Pazza' (translates literally as 'crazy water') which is fresh white fish poached with olive oil, cherry tomatoes and of course, a little white wine.

Another product that Campania is famous for is its Buffalo Mozzarella which is softer and creamier than the normal kind. It is used extensively in both cold and hot dishes and is ideal as it adds a lot of texture and melts perfectly.

The cakes of this region almost rival those of Sicily and desserts include pastiera, sfogliatelle and rum baba.

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Food Information
Pizza at Home
Making Pasta