Regional foods - Liguria

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Regional foods - Liguria
Fresh Pesto - Photo: David Johnson
Liguria probably has one of the most varied and inventive cuisines of Italy. Unlike many other regions they use everything, including all meats, fish, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and all other dairy produce.

The Ligurians are seafarers and their fish dishes are superb. Fish in this region is baked, roasted, stewed, made into pasta sauces and soups, fried, and added to salads.

Herbs and vegetables are also extensively in their cuisine and you cannot mention Liguria with mentioning pesto. Basil, the main ingredient of pesto, grows freely on the dramatic hillsides of this spectacular region. Basil, and other herbs are used in many dishes of their traditional dishes giving them a distinctive flavour.

Because of a lack of flat land which is suitable for growing wheat, the Ligurians use chick-peas for some of their flour.

Focaccia bread comes from this region and although similar to pizza its origin is believed to be about two thousand years older.

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