Regional foods - Marche

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Regional foods - Marche
Ascolana Olives (stuffed olives from Le Marche) - Photo: Manuela Zangara
As with most other regions in Italy, the people of Le Marche really love their food and are very proud of their local cuisine.

The coastline is excellent for fish, the mountains are not too high and are a fine source of nature's best produce and the strip of land between the two is good quality agricultural land. Food is plentiful in this region, the people are outgoing, happy and friendly and the love of food can be seen on every street corner.

They seem to have an obsession with stuffing things in Le Marche and everything has something else inside it, from tiny stuffed olives to large fish stuffed with vegetables. Suckling pig, chicken and fish are nearly always stuffed before being roasted to perfection on the spit.

Plenty of cold meats are made along with an array of cheeses and breads to eat as appetisers before tucking into the main courses. The olives grown in Marche are large and perfect table olives although not used for making olive oil.

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