Regional foods - Molise

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Regional foods - Molise
Freshly made pasta in Molise - Photo:
Molise was once part of Abruzzo and part of the great thoroughfare where the sheep were driven down from Abruzzo to Puglia for warmer climates and better pasture in the winter.

Only having become a region it its own right in 1963 it struggles now to find traditions and cuisine that is truly its own and not part of Abruzzo. Many of its dishes are identical or similar to those of Abruzzo and Puglia and as in all southern regions the tomato and chili peppers play a large part. Again, the meat and fish dishes tend to be simply cooked and are usually grilled, often over an open fire and served alone with no sauces or additions.

Probably the one thing that Molise is well known for in Italy is the quality of its pasta. They produce a lot of it here and it certainly lives up to its reputation of having that 'melt in the mouth' quality.

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