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Regional foods - Tuscany
Florentine Steak - Sphilbrick
Simplicity is central to the Tuscan cuisine with legumes, bread, cheese, vegetables, mushrooms and fresh fruit on a daily basis. A classic Tuscan peasant dish which has become well known is 'Ribollita'. The literal translation of this is 'reboiled' and it was originally made by reheating all the leftover vegetable and minestrone soup from the day before. They would then add any left over bread into the mix giving a tasty, filling and nourishing dish which cost next to nothing.

In keeping with their reputation for making nourishing, plain and simple food, beans are used extensively in Tuscan cooking. In fact, they are often referred to as 'The Tuscan Beaneaters'.

Meat is roasted, grilled, or more often than not cooked on a spit. Often it is stewed, along with vegetables and pulses and the air in rural Tuscany is filled with the scent of dishes slowly simmering throughout the day.

The beef in Tuscany is of the highest quality coming from Chainina and Maremmana cattle. From the Chainina cattle comes the meat which is used for the famous Florentine steak, normally cooked rare over hot coals.

White truffles from San Miniato appear in October and November.

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