Top 10 Most Influential Italian Women

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Every country has a certain number of women who have had a very tangible impact on the course of its history and the whole world as well. These ladies have broken all stereotypes about women's logic and vulnerability, refuting the belief that only a man can be the engine of progress. Here is the top 10 most outstanding Italians who are a great example of femininity and strong will for the girls on the international dating sites.

1. Lucrezia Reichlin.
She is one of the most powerful Italians in the banking world. Lucrezia is a Director of UniCredit S.p.A and as President of its Observatory. Her biography includes a position of a Member of the Scientific Council as well as many publications in the international journals.

2. Sophia Loren.
The world-famous actress won more than 50 prestigious film awards, including awards at Cannes (1961), Venetian (1958, 1998, 2002), Moscow (1965, 1997) and Berlin (1994) festivals. Among other things, Loren can boast of a Grammy statuette and five Golden Globe awards.

3. Miuccia Prada.
Miuccia Prada is the youngest granddaughter of the legendary Mario Prada, who founded the popular fashion brand. Miuccia quite successfully develops her family business as well as other areas of life. Thus, a well-known designer has got a doctorate in philosophy and political science. Besides, she is an active fighter for the rights of women.

4. Rita Borsellino.
Rita Borsellino is a supporter and active participant in the fight against the mafia, as well as a member of the European Parliament. Her brother was a judge who was killed by the mafia in 1992. In 1995, Rita created the organization Libera, which is working to create a healthy culture in Sicily, where there is no place for criminal gangs.

5. Marina Berlusconi.
She is the eldest daughter of Silvio Berlusconi. Many hoped that she would follow in the footsteps of her famous father, but she is not interested in the world of politics. The businesswoman is passionate about the presidency of publishing and television family businesses. Forbes magazine includes Marina among the 50 most influential women.

6. Gaia Gaja.
This feminine girl is among the most famous people in the wine industry. She is the successor to the Gaja winery, founded in 1859. People say that their wine is just fantastic.

7. Anna Maria Tarantola.
This woman was the President of the state company Rai. She was appointed during the "interim" reign of Mario Monti, but she managed to save her position for many years and confidently lead a television ship in the raging sea of Italian communications.

8. Franca Sozzani.
Franca was the Italian version of Anna Wintour. This woman was among the ten most authoritative people in the fashion industry on the globe. In addition to her main activity, she created a series of books, basing on her working experience.

9. Maria Cannata.
Few people meet her face-to-face. She was born in Piedmont, but since the age of 22, she has been living in Rome, having made a dizzying career. She has been director of Direzione del Debito Pubblico since 2000 in the Ministry of Finance, where she is known as "la signora del debito."

10. Sonia Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi was born in the small Italian town of Lusiana. She is the widow of the ex-Prime Minister of India, Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia has repeatedly argued that a woman can be an excellent politician. She almost managed to take the post of her late spouse, but at the last moment, she refused, choosing a different path to “preserve the unity of the nation.” Gandhi hit the top most influential women in the world according to Forbes magazine.

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