Introduction to Italian Culture

An Introduction to Italian Culture, Food and Lifestyle with special reference to Milan!

Introduction to Italian Culture

While Milan is a place for many people to enjoy browsing the many museums and to go shopping, the people who live in an apartment in Milan will tell you that they enjoy doing more in Milano than shopping and museums. Milano is full of canals. Whilst it may be no Venice, Milan is a great place to take a boat cruise on one of the quiet canals and there are plenty of tours to book. Near the port for the canal are also plenty of places to dine too.

Dining is another thing that you can do in Milan apart from shopping or seeing museums. Italy is the birthplace of fine dining and great wines so you should take the opportunity to taste the most authentic Italian dishes in this great city. There are many restaurants for you to choose from so you could choose a different restaurant for each night of your stay. There are also many cafes where you can taste Italy’s famous gelato ice creams too.

If you want to have a relaxing experience, then you should try one of Milan’s many spas. Milan is well known for its privileged atmosphere and fashionable visitors who love nothing more than being pampered during their stay. You should pay a visit to the Bulgari Hotel, Lepri or Terme Milano where you will find some of Milan’s most exclusive spas.

Milan is a great place to go if you wish to enjoy the party atmosphere of Milan’s night life. The happy hour is a common promotion throughout the city where you can take advantage of some of the cheapest and finest cocktails around. Many of the restaurants offer the happy hour discounts too where you can taste some of Italy’s best food at the cheapest prices.

If you are a fan of football (or soccer depending on where you come from), then you should take a trip to the well known AC Milan San Siro Stadium. There are regular tours of the stadium, which is a must for fans of the game, and if you are in Milan when a game is on, it is well worth getting into the sporting spirit and going to watch the game. There are many restaurants and bars in the area where you can watch a game on the big TV screens if you would rather not attend the live match at the stadium. You will see just how passionate the locals are of this game. As you can see, there are far more things to do in Milano instead of just going to see the same boring museums and shopping precincts.

While most of the people prefer to browse top online casinos from the comfort of their home or hotel, visiting a casino LIVE is just a very different feeling. If you like doing that, or if you would just like to give it a first go that you would be able to find a suitable platform for the same in Milan, Rome and throughout Italy!

Must Eat Food in Italy!
Italy is one of the best places for food in the world. Most of the most popular dishes come from Italy, and whilst food that you would taste if you lived in an apartment in Krakow or apartment in London would be an executive mixture of multicultural delicacies, staying in Apartments in Milan, or Rome apartments, you will find that most of the food you are likely to find will be of Italian origin. When you are in Italy, there are many foods that you should certainly eat, even if you have tried them in other places in the world. Make an effort to try this must eat food in Italy as the authentic way of Italian cooking is out of this world.

Anywhere you go in Italy, you will find many pizzerias and kitchens making the most authentic pizzas in this country of their origin. There is nothing better than trying a traditional stone baked pizza in a beautiful Italian restaurant. Choose from the many authentic Italian toppings, or create your own from a range of choices. Seafood is a popular choice throughout the whole of Italy. When you are in Italy, you should certainly visit one of the early morning Italian seafood markets where you can taste some of the freshest seafood.

Who could visit Italy without tasting Italy’s own gelato? This is some of the finest ice cream you will ever taste in the home of the Neapolitan ice cream and of course tutti fruity. Take some time when you are exploring Italy to visit a local café and sit on the veranda with a refreshing bowl of ice cream or choose it as a tasty dessert for your evening meal. One of the best starters in Italy is the Bruschetta. If you have never had it before, it is simply bread topped with tomatoes. This is a refreshing starter that won’t make you too full before your main is served.

Italy is the place where many great types of pasta have been created. You can choose from all kinds of types of pasta, including spaghetti too. Authentic bolognaise is excellent. You should also try the world famous Italian lasagna too.

If you do try all these different dishes whilst you are staying in Italy, don’t forget that Italy is the place where many of the world’s finest wines are made too. When you are eating at a restaurant make sure that you ask the waiter or waitress which of the wines they would recommend for you and ask for Italian wines too. If you don’t know much about wines, you could always take a wine tour to taste some of the best wines and see how they are made too. Apart from it, the city of Milan and the country of Italy has lots of other things to offer to the tourists in terms of culture, history, heritage and lifestyle. So, just explore the country on your own and find out and enjoy the stuff that suits your taste best!
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