How Italian Education Became a Model for All European Institutions
How Italian Education Became a Model for All European Institutions
Italian Education Model

How Italian Education Became a Model for All European Institutions

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How Italian Education Became a Model for All European Institutions
Italy is the cradle of the world civilization, the mother of great artists, architects, sculptors, philosophers, fashion designers, scientists, seafarers, etc. Continuing the old traditions, the country develops research activities in general scientific and applied fields, art and business. Italy, together with France, Great Britain and Germany, became the founder of the "European Higher Education Area", which presupposes the creation of a unified educational system.

More than 35 000 students from all over the world come to the main cities in Italy to get higher education. They choose the most diverse directions from business, linguistics, architecture to design and fashion.

Features and benefits of education in Italy
Here are the characteristics thanks to which Italy has become an exemplary model for all other states: • The country's universities provide a high level of training. Students participate in research, projects, competitions, have access to extensive libraries and advanced knowledge in the field under study.
  • Training in Italy is possible in English and Italian.
  • State universities are distinguished by a low cost of programs.
  • Italy is the world center of fashion and design, which makes it the best place to acquire a profession in these areas.
  • It is a priceless opportunity - to study art in the Italian universities, where great artists and sculptors worked.
  • Students make up an individual curriculum on their own, choose exams, form and time of their passage.
  • During studies in Italy, young people are allowed to work not more than 20 hours a week.

The system of higher education in Italy
The European higher education system has been adopted here:
1. Bachelor, 3-4 years.
2. Master, 1-4 years.
3. Doctor of Science, 3-4 years.
4. Additional degrees in medicine and law.

Studies begin in the first half of October, sometimes in September. It all depends on the program. In private universities, there are several options of the start dates of the Master's programs. Students start their studies in November, January, February, and April. The school year ends in June. There are usually 3 sessions: in winter, in summer, and in autumn. Although it all depends on the particular university.

Another distinguishing feature is that there are no examination papers with ready-made questions, so students study large volumes of information. Generally, education in Italian universities assumes independence: no one checks attendance or forces to do homework. But the lack of control should not serve as a relaxing factor. At the end of the course, the level of knowledge will be evaluated by the examination board.

What languages are used in educational institutions of Italy?
Studies in Italian and English is possible. It is worth noting that the choice of specialties in the state language is much wider. Many public universities offer free preparation courses in Italian. If желаmastering of a new foreign language is not a part of the student's plans, he can always find programs in English that exist in almost all universities of the country.

Tuition fees and scholarships
Italian universities are considered quite cheap. There are free programs in public institutions. It is only necessary to pay an annual registration fee (3500-4000 euros). In private institutions, you will have to pay from 8000 to 30000 euros per year. In general, the cost of studying in Italy depends on the specific university and educational direction. Everyone can apply for a scholarship based on academic achievement or in connection with a financial situation of their family. There is also a system of grants. In fashion and design universities, scholarships are provided, covering 20-100% of the cost of the program.

Private universities
Italy has the oldest educational institutions in Europe, where various disciplines are taught: economics, finance, medicine, psychology, sociology, linguistics, history, art, sports, engineering, political science and much more.

1. Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
A private university with state accreditation, founded in 1921. It is considered to be the main educational and research center of Italy. One of the top 100 universities in the world in terms of employment of graduates: 50% find work in the first three months, and 90% - during the year.
Campuses: Brescia, Cremona, Milan, Piacenza, Rome.

2. Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
Italy's leading university of business administration opened its doors in 1902. It is included in the rating of the five best educational institutions of the world in the field of economics and management. The programs involve internships in the companies of the industry.
Campuses: Milan.

State universities The most diverse faculties and specialties are represented in the public universities of Italy: engineering, architecture, construction, agriculture, computer technology, design, energy, space development, etc. There are programs in English and Italian, scholarships and free education.

1. Politecnico di Milano University
The largest and most prestigious institution of the country was opened in 1863. It is a leader of educational ratings. University conducts an active research activity, cooperates with the industrial enterprises of Italy. There are 16 faculties, 355 laboratories, 42 libraries. Main directions: design, architecture, engineering.
Campuses: Como, Cremona, Lecco, Mantova, Milan, Piacenza.

It is another advanced state university, where 10 faculties and 137 programs of various directions are represented, and the staff consists of 2,000 qualified teachers. Member of the League of European Research Universities. Affordable cost and the possibility of receiving scholarships are its quite attractive features.
Campuses: Milan.

3. The University of Pisa
It is one of the oldest universities in the world which has been working since 1343. There are modern research centers on the territory. Students receive the degrees of Bachelor, Master, and Doctor of Science. There are Nobel Prize laureates among the graduates this university.
Campuses: Pisa.

4. Tor Vergata
There are 114 Bachelor's and Master's programs in various fields, including business and economics, which are taught in English. Students also get medical education here. The university cooperates with leading companies working in the fields taught.
Campuses: Rome.

Are you interested in Italian education? It's time to apply to foreign universities and pack your suitcase! Do not be afraid that, at first, you may find it hard to study in an unfamiliar city. Access to such helpful online services as is open anywhere in the world. It is enough to have a stable Internet connection. Enjoy the new experiences as an exciting adventure. Good luck!

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