Italian language, language of italy, italian language schools, speak italian, italian dialects
Italian language, language of italy, italian language schools, speak italian, italian dialects

Italian Language

Italian language, language of italy, italian language schools, speak italian, italian dialects

Italian is the official language of the Italian Republic and is the third most widely spoken language in the European Union. Around the world, Italian is spoken by 85 million people. It is one of the major 'Romance' languages, along with Spanish, Portuguese, French and Romanian. The origin of the 'Romance' languages was 'Vulgar Latin' and Italian, along with Sardinian, which is one of the minor 'Romance' languages, are the two that are closest to the original Latin. Italian is one of the most commonly taught languages in the world.

Before the unification of Italy in 1861, there were many different languages and dialects spoken in the different regions of Italy, many of which remain in use today. During the Middle Ages, the language of Florence gained wider acceptance, alongside its political and artistic influence. Dante Alighieri, Italy's most famous writer and poet, was born in Florence. He wrote in the Florentine language and his influence has led him to be called 'the Father of the Italian Language'. When this language was adopted by the newly formed Italian State in 1861, only 2.5% of the country could speak it!

Italian is spoken in the Vatican and is the official language of the Holy See. It is also widely spoken in Malta and parts of Slovenia and Croatia. Many other people will be familiar with Italian words through its use in opera and musical terminology.
The differences between different dialects are legendary. Here are some examples of the same paragraph read in the traditional dialects of different regions:

"Un anno fa mio nonno, che ieri ha compiuto ottant'anni, raccontò a me e a mia sorella questa storia:"

Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Trentino-Alto Adige

However, only part of the Italian language is spoken. The other, very important part, consists of a fascinating vocabulary of expressive hand gestures, uniquely Italian...
Italian children learn to use their hands... even before they can speak! This little girl is having an animated discussion with her Sicilian great grandmother.
Here's another lighthearted video that shows how important hand gestures are in Italian conversation. Take some tips on what's important for your trip to Italy!
Language Schools in Italy
Learn Italian in Lucca, Tuscany
Lucca Italian School
LIS Lucca Italian School presents an alternative way of studying the Italian language offering several study abroad programs in Lucca.
Learn Italian in Rome
The Club Italiano Dante Rome group was formed in 1994 and specializes in teaching Italian language and culture (Literature, Art History, Opera & Society) to foreign students.
Learn Italian in Grottemare, Le Marche
Language Courses in Ascoli Piceno, Le Marche
GREENITALIAN: the first eco-friendly way to learn Italian with full-immersion language and culture courses in Le Marche!
Learn Italian in Italy
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci
Learn Italian in Florence, Milan, Rome and Siena Officially authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education
Learn Italian in Arezzo, Tuscany
We offer students flexible, tailored Italian courses taught in a friendly, personable way by our committed teaching team.
Learn Italian in Recanati, Le Marche
Language Courses in Macerata, Le Marche
Come and study Italian in the heart of Italy! Our school is located in the heart of the beautiful Medieval city of Recanati, worldwide famous for its poet Giacomo Leopardi.
Learn Italian in Orbetello, Tuscany
Language Couses in Grosseto, Tuscany
The course includes many cultural trips to local places of archaeological, artistic and historical interest.
Learn Italian in Florence
Learn Italian in Florence
Situated in one of the oldest and liveliest parts of the city of Florence, The ABC School has been teaching the Italian language to foreign students since 1982.
Learn Italian in Sestri Levante
Learn Italian in Sestri Levante
In 2015 the ABC School opened a new office in the enchanting Baia del Silenzio (Bay of Silence) in Sestri Levante (Genoa), one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy.
Learn Italian in Perugia, Umbria
The Comitato Linguistico is situated in the old city center of Perugia and offers courses exclusively for Italian as a foreign language all year round.
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We offer a beautiful range of Olive Wood Products, hand crafted from ancient Mediterranean olive trees.
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