7 Tips for First Time Italiarail Travelers (Coupon Inside)

There are several reasons to travel by train in Italy. To begin with, you'll arrive at your destinations faster than when driving and also get an excellent opportunity to enjoy incredible views as the train transverses through untouched natural reserves, vineyards, and fields.

ItaliaRail is Italy's largest foreign train ticket seller and partners with the country's national train operator, Trenitalia.

Additionally, the website offers expert tips that are especially useful to train travelers. Here are a few guidelines that first-time ItaliaRail travelers should consider to enjoy relaxing and hassle-free train trips to their cities of choice.

1. Book In Advance
Similar to flight tickets, affordable Italy's train tickets are easier to find when you consider purchasing them some months before the actual travel date. There are both time and saving benefits that come with early booking. Travelers who book tickets in advance can enjoy discounts as high as 60% on certain fares besides being able to select the trains and reservations they want. It's important to note that prices go up as the departure days approach. Moreover, early booking helps you to avoid lengthy and time-consuming lines at the train stations.

2. Know The Train Stations
Save yourself from time-wastage and confusion by knowing the exact name of the train station you intend to board and alight a train. It's worth mentioning that some cities have several train stations, and knowing the correct station is fundamental since you will be required to input the name when buying tickets. If not sure, Google “main train station in [insert name of the city]”. This way, you can be sure to obtain reliable results and enter the correct station name.

3. Consider Booking a High-Speed Train
High-speed trains are faster than the regional trains and offer more comfort. Nevertheless, fast trains are more expensive than regional trains, but the time-saving benefit is worth the cost. For instance, a high-speed train takes about 1.5 hours to travel from Florence to Rome, whereas a regional train takes about four hours. Early arrivals give travelers more time to explore the city or their preferred destinations. Additionally, you get to enjoy a convenient and modern travel environment on a high-speed train.

4. Sign Up For Italiarail Newsletter
Subscribe to ItaliaRail newsletter to receive early notifications of upcoming promotions and discounted fares. Every year, Trenitalia releases promotional fares and getting to know about them in advance will help you book discounted trips when the promotions are still available. Take advantage of discounts offered to youth, children, and people traveling in groups of two or more. Additionally, the agency provides family discounts provided you have a child who's less than 15 years old.

5. Get To Know The Train Routes
It's crucial to obtain a map that covers the rail network in Italy. Nonetheless, Italy's railway network is pervasive, and it may be challenging to obtain a comprehensive map that includes all the towns connected to the rail system. No need to fret since the maps have got you covered if you are aiming to travel to major cities. Alternatively, type your route in the search box of ItaliaRail's website to determine whether the nation's rail network serves your destination.

6. Learn The Basic Train Travel Phrases
It's wise for foreign travelers to learn the native language of the country they are visiting to ease their interactions with the natives and effortlessly access services offered in the native language. If you are planning to travel by train in Italy, therefore, it is important to learn the essential Italian phrases to use at train stations and on trains. Memorizing the phrases will ease your travel experience and make it more enjoyable. Although an Italian dictionary will offer you a wide variety of Italian vocabulary, it's advisable to visit ItaliaRail's official website for a quick view of the necessary train travel phrases.

7. Utilize Coupon Codes
Coupons codes can help you save money significantly when shopping for grocery, machinery, clothing, tickets, etc. ItaliaRail enables you to save on travel by allowing you to apply ItaliaRail discount code on the checkout when purchasing a train ticket. You can score up to 65% off coupon for ItaliaRail on Coupon Cause.

Traveling by train in Italy helps you save time and view incredible landscapes. As a first-time ItaliaRail traveler, you will need to furnish yourself with successful tips that will help you to ease your booking and travel. First, learn about the rail routes and train stations before booking. Early bookings, promotional fares, and coupon codes will help you save significantly on your train travel. Lastly, consider booking a high-speed train so that you're left with sufficient time to explore your destinations.
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