living in italy

Living in Italy

What is the Italian lifestyle?

Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

The Italian, mediterranean lifestyle is famous throughout the world. Sitting outside in beautiful weather, surrounded by friends and family, eating fabulous food, drinking delicious wine and gazing at the unsurpassable countryside, has to be everyone's idea of paradise. But this is no idle dream! It is a dream that has become reality for many people who have chosen to relocate to this wonderful country and live in Italy.

Retiring to Italy

Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

Many people try to decide where are the best places to retire overseas...

Those that choose to retire to Italy can be comfortable in the knowledge that Italy is considered to be one best places in the world to retire to.

What are Italians like?

Italians are warm, welcoming people who love to relax, celebrate and socialise with family and friends. This celebration and relaxation usually take place around the table either at home or in a restaurant, where they can enjoy the traditions of the Italian cuisine.

Italians have a passion for eating but also for talking. In Italy, conversation is an art form.

If you live in Italy, as you walk in the streets or stop at a café in one of the many squares, you will notice Italians of all ages engaged in intense and animated discussions on a wide variety of topics ranging from family, work, politics, gossip, food, wine and sports, and especially soccer!

From the largest cities to the most rural of villages, there is one place that remains the central meeting point of Italian culture - the piazza. No matter how big or small a piazza may be, you can be sure there will always be people sitting, strolling, walking, talking and interacting with one another. Piazzas are also the main focal points for Italian festivals, gatherings, celebrations and political events. This fascinating mix of activities is one of the things that makes Italy one of the best places to live.


Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

Italy has been a favourite destination for people moving abroad for many years and there are now a considerable number of expats living in Italy. There are quite large communities in Tuscany, Marche and Puglia as well as in the area around Rome where there are many companies and organisations providing products and services for expats. The southern regions are beginning to be interesting to foreigners, but generally in those areas there are fewer expats living in Italy.

Moving to Italy

Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

One of the first things to consider when moving to Italy is exactly where in the country you want to go. Italy is one of the most diverse countries on the planet, and all of the regions have something different to offer. If you want to live somewhere flat, don't move to Aosta. If you want somewhere hilly, don't move to Puglia. Do your homework first! More...


Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

Buying a property in Italy can be complicated, and there are several additional payments and taxes involved, so it is a good idea to find out as much as you can about the process before starting 'house hunting'. More...


Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

Anyone who is moving to Italy should make efforts to learn the language. It seems like an obvious thing to say, but many expats don't, and the success or failure of their move can be affected by not being able to understand what is going on around them. Although many Italians do speak some degree of English, it is by no mean universal, and it would be foolish to rely on always being able to find someone to translate for you. More...


Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

Anyone from within the EU who is moving to Italy needs to become a resident after being in the country for 3 months. Anyone from outside the EU, needs to apply for a 'Permesso di Soggiorno' within 90 days of arrival, even if they do not require a visa to visit Italy. There is plenty of information on Italian residency, italian immigration and italian citizenship in our page 'Living Legally in Italy'. More...


Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

If a foreign-plated car is imported into Italy, it must be re-registered in Italy within 6 months. This must be arranged through your local Immatriculation Centre. The process is somewhat complicated, so you should allow plenty of time if you are moving to italy permanently. More...


Living in italy, moving to italy, live in italy

As an Italian property owner, whether resident or non resident, you must by law file a tax return in Italy. So, for expats living in Italy, or for those planning to relocate to Italy, it is important to get advice about your tax position. More...

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Living in italy

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