Top 3 Property Hotspots in Europe

Are you looking to broaden your investment horizons? You may have recently invested in a property that did not offer you the returns you expected. The best way to get past this is by investing in a lucrative piece of real estate in a prosperous area. While you may think it would be easier to invest in your own city, you may find a much better investment in just a short plane or train ride away.

Investing in a country on the other side of the world may be a hassle, so instead, you should look to nearby locations in Europe. There are plenty of property hotspots in all corners of Europe, which you will never have thought about. To help you choose the right location, you should take a look at the following destinations which will offer you excellent investment returns.

When you think of England, your first question may be what about Brexit? This is because there have been discussions regarding the state of the housing sector, although up to now most cities in England seem to be stable or on the up, so now is definitely the best time to visit. You may be tempted to invest in London, as it is a popular tourist destination and of course it’s the capital. Instead, you should look at transformative cities like Liverpool, which has experienced a significant amount of regeneration. This includes a series of developments being built, which have interested investors all over the world. You can find luxurious apartments with experts like RW Invest, which are located in popular areas including the Baltic Triangle and Liverpool’s docklands, where you can find affordable properties, high rental yields and the potential for capital appreciation.

In recent years, Italy has experienced significant growth in regard to housing demand, which has enabled construction to commence on a wide range of developments throughout Italy. A prominent location at the moment is Apulia, which is located at the heel of Italy’s boot. As it is not a popular tourist location, most people don’t know enough about it, so not much overseas investment is made. However, investors can benefit significantly from low-cost residential properties with stunning backdrops which are perfect to rent out. The demand for real estate near the beach is also considerably high, and this combined with low living costs will ensure your investment attracts attention from potential tenants.

This sunny region is one of the most popular choices for overseas investors. This is mainly due to the changes to tax benefits which enabled both EU and non-EU citizens to purchase property quickly and easily, while also allowing them to benefit financially. This was put in place to encourage foreign investment in order to improve the country’s economic status. One of the most lucrative areas in Portugal is Lisbon, which is also a top tourist destination. This has become a property hotspot ever since the golden visa initiative was introduced, which enabled investors from other countries to contribute at least €350,000 to underdeveloped areas in order to obtain a fast-track to citizenship. Investors have not only benefitted from becoming a full-time citizen, but have also found lucrative opportunities in Lisbon, where house prices have increased by 20% after they have purchased.

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