How to Cover most of Rome in a short trip?

How to Cover most of Rome in a short trip?

When you are visiting Rome, it is a perfect opportunity to add Naples to the places you want to visit. You will perceive Naples' fun and chaotic masterpiece as a traditional Italian city with the hustle and bustle that never stops. Naples is Italian at its best, and to make the most of your visit; you can move on to our list of four things to do in Naples straight away, especially when you are already in Rome.

Travelling from Rome to Naples takes only a bit over 1 hour by train with stunning views along the way. This short journey from Rome makes it perfect to visit Naples as a day trip, but if you truly want to experience the charms of Naples, stay there at least one night.

1. Become a Local Napolitan & Drink Coffee

At the Vomero district, you will find the best of Naples coffee. We recommend that you adopt the Napolitan lifestyle and start your day with a cup of coffee, especially an espresso that is an all-time favorite of all Italians. Espresso is an essential part of the daily lives of Italians. They like it dark, short, and strong.

As a local Napolitan, you will drink water before coffee to savor its rich flavor. Remember that in a Napolitan café, you get the taste and the ultimate Italian experience. Move on to the Vasto district and get a "Sfogliatella'' (preferably with your coffee). Just a short distance away from the Napoli Central Station, you will find the best Sfogliatelle pastries that are nothing less than beautiful little pieces of heaven.

Freshly baked and straight out of the oven, you will love their Sfogliatella that are filled with delicious crème on the inside while they are equally tasty from the outside.

2. Explore the Ruins of Pompeii

With Mount Vesuvius in the background, you will be only a few steps away from exploring the beautiful ruins of Pompei and Herculaneum. We recommend that you go on a day trip to explore the ruins. If you want to make the most of your day trip, go with a knowledgeable local guide by your side.

You will be mesmerized by the amazing stories of these cities as you explore the ruins. The underlying irony of the ruins of the ancient cities is that the Mount's disaster over the city has allowed us to look into the past today. Pompei and Herculaneum are amongst the most preserved cities from the Roman Empire, and as you enter this place, you will have the experience of entering a time machine.

You will be in a position to fully understand how people were living their routine life over two thousand years ago. If you are wondering about the best time to visit the ruins of Pompei and Herculaneum, it is either March or October. Avoid the summers as it will mean big crowds and less exploring.

3. The Spanish Quarters - Quartieri Spagnoli

If you desire to get to the roots of real Naples, the best way to start is by visiting the Spanish Quarters (Quartieri Spagnoli). You could start with traveling from the Toledo Metro station. From the moment you reach the station, you will understand why it is labeled as Europe's most impressive and mesmerizing metro station. Just a short walk away from the station, you will see the Spanish quarters opening up to you, giving you the ultimate experience.

You will see locals spying on you from every corner of the quarter. You will find laundry hanging everywhere, and as you walk through the narrow alleyways of the quarter, amazing scenes of street art and graffiti will meet your eyes. The Spanish Quarter is a must-visit place for anyone who wants to get in touch with Naples' real, local face. It will also give you a better insight into the locals' lives, culture, norms, and traditions.

4. Enjoy the Street Canvas of Naples

It wouldn't be wrong to say that you can find the art in Naples all around, on the streets – it is not hidden behind the doors of museums and art galleries alone. The entire city of Naples is a canvas for skilled street artists, with graffiti and murals covering almost every wall of Naples.

Contrary to the norm, the street art of Naples isn't just random pictures, scribbles, and symbols. Most street art has an interesting background story and can leave the onlookers spellbound. Street art might seem like nothing special on the surface, but in reality, it is replete with secret stories. One of the most important street art paintings is the mermaid. This piece of art symbolizes the birth of the city of Naples.

More interestingly, street art is demanded by the locals of Naples to beautify the streets of Naples. Don't forget to take pictures of your favorite street art as souvenirs.

Final Thoughts

With amazing coffee and food, Naples has many amazing tourist attractions that can be hard to miss, especially when looking for a rich cultural Napolitan experience. Besides the historical castles and cultural sites, you can take a snack break at nearly every corner of Naples and enjoy pizza while watching pedestrians for hours.

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