Molise Italian Studies
Molise Italian Studies
Molise IS Adult Study Abroad, Italian Language Training, Digital Nomads, University Semesters, Summer Internships, and Faculty-Led Programs—each program centered around Global Intercultural Citizenship and based in the small and authentic Italian region of Molise.

With our intensive and conversational Italian language courses, you will immerse yourself into the unknown and authentic Italian region of Molise, living like a local in the beautiful medieval city of Campobasso, building lasting friendships with the native Molisani and fellow participants alike, and exploring the surrounding rolling hills dotted with small villages while learning to bridge cultural differences, sampling unparalleled local foods and wines, and enjoying a variety of optional cultural, historical, and outdoor weekend activities and hands-on experiences.
Molise Italian Studies
Molise, Italy
Telephone: 1-888-422-9922
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