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Length: 21cm (8.27 inches)
The bracelet stretches to fit most sizes

All measurements are approximate
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Conchiglie Bracelet (Russet)
Murano glass bracelet - perfect for summer

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The Conchiglie bracelet is a solid band of almost flat Murano glass beads. The beautiful glass beads have a slight marble effect and insertions of silver or gold foil which gives them the effect of mother of pearl shells found on some beaches.

The large, flat beads are in three colours and are on a strong, elasticated band which will fit most sizes.

The genuine Murano glass jewellery we sell is hand made, consequently no two pieces are identical and will not resemble exactly the item shown in the photograph.

This piece of jewellery comes with a 'VetroArtistico® Murano' certificate which ensures that it has been hand crafted on the island of Murano, Venezia, Italy.

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