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The Necklace
Length: 50cm (19.69 inches)
The Bracelet
Length: 21cm (8.27 inches)
The Earrings
Diameter of beads: 4cm (1.57 inches)

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Scarlatta Set
Bold, rich red Murano Glass set

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The Scarlatta Set, of necklace, bracelet and earrings, is beautiful, bold and entirely handmade on the Island of Murano, Venice. It has been made using the lampwork technique and all the beads have either silver or gold foil for extra luminance. The beads are large and of varying shapes and sizes. All are basicially a deep, rich red with a mottled effect and the odd ones have a gold and black pattern on them. The Scarlatta is an eye-catching set of jewellery and will attract a lot of attention every time you wear it.

Scarlatta Set is only available as a complete set, not as individual items.

The Necklace
The Scarlatta Necklace has one large, oval bead in the centre which is flanked by a single pastille shape on each side. This is followed by a large round bead with gold and black markings, a totally square red bead, and then an array of pastille, round, square and cubed beads, all getting progressively smaller. All of these beads are interspersed with a small, round, red bead. The Scarlatta necklace closes with a secure clasp at the back and is not adjustable.

The Bracelet
The Scarlatta Bracelet has a pastille shaped bead in the centre with the gold and black markings on it. The other beads are then all red and the same size but different shapes. The Scarlatta bracelet closes with a secure clasp and is not adjustable

The Earrings
The Scarlatta Earrings are fairly long and consist of three beads. The first is tear-drop shaped and has the gold and black pattern, the second is a small red ball and the last is a red pastille shape.
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