The Advantages of Studying in Italy: How to Choose a University

The Advantages of Studying in Italy: How to Choose a University

The Advantages of Studying in Italy: How to Choose a University

Ahh, Italy, the land of delicious coffee, pizza, and ice cream. We are kidding, of course. Italy can offer people so much more than the stereotypical things people like to recite. This beautiful country can become your home for a few years. Do you want that? Well, it’s quite easy to arrange. All you need to do is to finish your school and apply to Italian universities. You will be surprised how easy it can be. Studying in Italy comes with numerous benefits (even beyond the food), though, you need to be sure that’s what you want. To never regret your choices, you need to learn more about the advantages of studying in Italy. Follow this brief guide to learn how to choose a university in Italy and not get disappointed.

The language programs

Now, before choosing the university or doing anything else, you need to be sure about one thing. It is the language of the studies you are about to endure. Overall, you have only two options. You can study either in English or in Italian. Thus, if you speak Italian, you have no problem here. You can choose any university you want. It is quite easy. Though, if you don't speak Italian, or speak very little of it, you have some issues to solve. Basically, you have two options here. Both have their pros and cons. Let's see.

English programs

First, you can look for English programs. Many Italian universities will offer that to their foreign students. The advantages of this option are obvious. You don’t have to rush yourself with studying Italian. You will definitely understand everything your teachers are saying (nevermind, the accents), and you will feel more comfortable speaking up during your classes. You won't have to think, "where to get myassignmenthelp?" on repeat. Additionally, boys studying in English you will be surrounded by other foreign students just like you. Hence, you can form a community of expats and learn about this new culture together. On the downside, you may never learn Italian as well as you might have had if you surrounded yourselves with Italians.

Italian programs

Your other choice is to pursue studies in Italian. There can be many ways how you can do it. First, if you already speak good Italian, all you need is to pass a language test to prove it. Next, see what universities accept foreigners to Italian programs with your test score. If you are not so confident about your language skills, you can look for a university with Italian classes for foreigners. Often, these universities accept you to the program you have applied for, but with the condition to spend the first year in the language school. Thus, your first year in Italy will be dedicated only to learning the language. It doesn’t sound that bad, isn’t it?

Of course, if you don’t want to waste a year, this option is not for you. Also, be sure, it will be much harder to have classes in Italian. Italian classes will make you say, "can you write a essay for me?" more often than you'd like. Though with time, it will get much better, and you will learn the language much faster. However, do read a review to be prepared, just in case.


Of course, Italian universities can offer a wide range of different disciplines that are not much different from the ones you can get at home. Though, it is worth mentioning a few disciplines that are much better to study in Italy. Surely, fashion and everything in its regards come to mind first. Studying fashion in Italy can be the dream come true for so many young people. Can you only imagine the internship opportunities you may get there? Culinary is another area of study that can make schools in Italy sound especially tempting. Overall, Italy can offer a large variety of great programs, you just need to know what you are looking for.


Another good reason to pick an Italian university is the opportunities it can bring. Italians love receiving foreign students. To make their stay even more comfortable, and the appeal of universities more irresistible, Italian offer great scholarships. So if you are a foreign student in Italy, you may apply for various scholarship opportunities. This will make the costs of your stay much more moderate, to say the least. Besides, it is still much better than to pay a full sum to an American university. The costs of studying for higher education in Italy will be much more inviting than in most universities in the West.

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