Top Student Cities in Italy You Should Visit

Top Student Cities in Italy You Should Visit

Top Student Cities in Italy You Should Visit

If you have a chance to try an exchange program and go to Italy, use it to the fullest since some Italian cities are designed for student life.

Many people put Italy on the list of must-visit places, and it is not for nothing since it stands out with delicious food, amazing landmarks, landscapes, and even universities. Thus, if you have a chance to visit this country, start packing your bag right away. Every Italian city is worthy of attention, so don't dwell on Rome too much, even though it is magnificent and mandatory to visit, of course. This country consists of 20 different regions, and each of them can offer something to a curious student. The chances are high that your choice of the city will depend on the academic institution, but it is worth finding out Italian and foreign students' preferences. A student city gets its title when it can boast of universities, active student life, cozy streets, and places full of young people. It is time to get an assignment writing help and immerse yourself in a short trip around student Italian cities.


The chances are high that many gourmets have heard about this city thanks to its delicious ham. However, located in the Emilia Romagna region's heart, Parma has been considered a popular student city since the 11th century! Of course, the city has changed in many ways and adapted to modern realities for these years, but the essence is the same. Parma famous universities and colleges attract students from various regions and inspire them to lead an active cultural life.


Picturesque Perugia is the capital of the Umbria region that can surprise you with its original medieval look. In addition to the famous university campus, the city center's enchanting streets, cozy restaurants and trattorias, cafes and bars, wine cellars, and discos contribute to the friendship and pleasant pastime of students. If you want to experience all the sides of student life, but you don't like the hustle and bustle of metropolises, then this charming city can become a perfect option.


The eternal city attracts not only Chinese tourists but also students from all over the world. It is something between a huge museum in the open air and a cozy living room where you feel extremely comfortable. Who doesn't want to pass by the Colosseum every morning when going to classes and hang out with friends on the Spanish Steps, enjoying the colors of the amazing sunset? You can always buy college essay to have more time for a date with this fascinating city. Roman student life is a period that remains in memory forever. And of course, the wide range of educational institutions contributes to Rome's reputation as a student city. It is not even worth mentioning a huge number of different events and entertainment for everyone's taste.


The very name of this Italian city symbolizes student life for many people. However, it remains an underrated choice for foreign students for some reason. However, it is a huge mistake since it has many things to offer. Thus, it has been officially named a Creative City for Music thanks to many concerts that take place here every year. They are not limited to one genre, so it doesn't matter whether you admire rock or classic music. This city can boast of various cozy places with delicious food, film festivals, and even three car museums. It is not to mention an impressive number of universities with a sound curriculum and world reputation. So, if you want to save a pretty penny to immerse yourself into the cultural life of Bologna, use a speedy paper promo code to get your papers done on time and get a chance to attend all interesting places.


Turin is the capital of the Piedmont region, located in the shadow of the picturesque Mole Antonelliana. This picturesque city corresponds to students' young spirits and can boast of a well-functioning urban and social services system. Besides, cultural events attract visitors and tourists from all over the world, not to mention students. The active life does not subside here all year round. If you are looking for a Polytechnic University with a well-tailored curriculum where you will not have to ask anyone to do my math homework for me, it is worth choosing this city as a place of study. However, students who are interested in other specialties can also find something to their liking.


Of course, the list of top student cities would not be complete without Milan, an amazing city located in the Lombardy region. There are many Universities of various specialties in the city, but the State University of Milan (Statale di Milano), the Higher Economics Institutions, and the Academy of Design and Fashion are especially popular among international students. It's not for nothing that Milan has earned the status of the capital of fashion and design! World-famous fashion houses have their headquarters here. Numerous fashion events occur in Milan all year round, and students get many opportunities for internships and meeting celebrities of European and world fashion.


The magical Venice also attracts students because the city is home to world-famous universities, annually gathering thousands of students. There is no need to talk about Venice's cultural possibilities since the unique beauty will surround you everywhere and turn your student life into a fairy tale. However, local students should be ready to endure the autumn and winter dampness, grayness and fog, periodic floods, and everything that constitutes harsh and amazing Venetians' everyday lives.

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