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Learn Italian in Rome
The Club Italiano Dante Rome group was formed in 1994 and specializes in teaching Italian language and culture (Literature, Art History, Opera & Society) to foreign students.

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Learn Italian with ICOTEA
The Top 5 reasons to learn Italian with ICOTEA

When you decide to learn a new language you have to consider a lot of aspects. First of all you have to ask to yourself "How does this language actually help me? Why do I really want to learn it?" It also depends on where you live and on your job and career perspectives. Your choice should be especially based on the culture of the people who speak that language and your interest in getting to know that country. There are hundreds of reasons to learn Italian.

  1. All the most of the world's cultural heritage sites are in Italy. There are spectacular landscapes, wonderful cities, places of rare beauty for its natural scenery and ancient cultural background. So you might decide to visit Italy at least once;
  2. Italy is the cradle of Western culture. If you love arts, music, opera, food Italian language is the right choise for you;
  3. Italian is a phonetic language. The majority of words are pronounced as they are written. So that's why reading and spelling are more straightforward;
  4. You can use Italian for business in several career fields: tourism, automotive, food, luxury, fashion, information technology. In effects, Made in Italy represents a symbol of high quality an Italian style, appreciated all over the world;
  5. Italian is the closest language to latin. So it would be easier to learn the other romance languages.
So why not join the pleasure to pick up the language of Dante? ICOTEA is the qualified educational institute, accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research which provides a wide range of courses: masters, degrees, advanced training courses, postgraduate courses computer certifications and, last but not least, Italian language courses. ICOTEA offers three Italian language courses to suit all levels and needs:

  • Beginner Level (500 hours)- Online;
  • Advanced Level (500 hourd)- Online;
  • Italian Language course for foreigners (100 hours)- in classroom.

The Italian Language Course – Beginner level is designed to provide an effective knowledge of the Italian language, useful to both social and work integration. The course provides the basic tools and competences for a first understanding of Italian culture and language and it is suitable for those who want to approach the Italian language for pleasure, but also for professionals who need a basic knowledge of the language for work purposes.

The Italian Language Course- Advanced Level is the best course for those who want to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Italian linguistic system and culture (grammar, vocabulary and cultural aspects).

The 100 hours Italian language course for foreigners is the perfect option for those who want to take advantage of their vacation to really understand and improve their knowledge of Italian language and culture. The course takes places in our Institute in Sicily, in the lovely town of Ispica. Here you will have the opportunity to learn the basics and practice them immediately with your classmates and people.

If needed, ICOTEA provides assistance in the travel and accommodation planning to arrange your stay. Learning Italian in Italy is the best option for those who wish to test their hand on the field and master the language to become independent in everyday situations. The course is aimed to allow the students dive into the language with a direct, practical approach and the support of the trained qualified native teachers.

ICOTEA also provides a three years degree course in Linguistic Mediation Science that allows students to acquire a cultural and linguistic deep knowledge in English and French. It aims to provide sectoral technical linguistic competencies, both oral and written, required in the world of work.

For those who want to teach Italian ICOTEA created the Master in Teaching Italian L2 to foreign people. Its main goal is to train specialized personnel to teach Italian to foreign people in institutions, cooperatives, public and private associations in Italy and abroad.

ICOTEA courses allows students to obtain a language certification recognized in Italy and abroad, according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages); furthermore, the advantages of the course are multiple and include career opportunities in Italy and abroad, the development and improvement of communication skills useful in everyday situations and for work when dealing with business partners, foreign colleagues etc.

Learn Italian with Icotea
Visit the website www.icotea.com or write to icotea@icotea.it to get more information.

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