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Gambling culture has existed for thousand of years and it has been ingrained with Italian history. The word casino in itself is of Italian origin, with the word casa, meaning villa, small home or social club, being the root. The term casino came into effect in the 19th century to refer to palazzos that would host gambling, dancing, sports, music, etc. The word casino is not exclusively used to pertain to a gambling parlour in modern Italy, as it can simply mean bordello. With an accent, the word become casinó, and it is the one used to relate to a place one can gamble.

Gambling in Italy dates back to the Roman Empire, when many games were played for money, with early versions of backgammon, known as Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum being popular. This game, also known as XII Scripta, was a board game that had three rows of twelve marked on it and is similar to the Egyptian game Senet. Not much is known about how the game is exactly played, but it is known a dice was used and each player had fifteen pieces. The game was played by legionnaires who would spread it across Europe. Many other casino games are of Italian origin. Baccarat was developed in the 15th century, with soldiers from the Franco-Italian War spreading it into France. Bingo also was influenced by Italian casino games, as it stems from the 16th century game Lo Giuoco del Lotto.

The first gambling house to be opened in Italy was Ridotto in 1638. It was created by the government in order to control gambling among it's citizens. It was free to enter but you required a large amounts of money to play, so it was mostly exclusive to the rich. Bassetta and biribi were the most played games but heavily favoured the house. Ridotto would close in 1774, but this lead to the rise of new gambling clubs.

Online casinos have been very popular all over the world and it's no different in Italy. The advantages of online casinos are the huge range of things you can have. Virtual versions allow for different themes and gimmicks to keep the games fresh. The technology is always advancing, as can be seen with the Belle Rock Slot from Lucky Nugget Casino who use improved graphics to create smoother and more pleasing gameplay, which can have various images, sounds and effects.

Modern gambling law in Italy is strict, with certain things being allowed, while some are not. Any game of chance in which you can win money is forbidden, however, if it relies on skill, then it is allowed, with this including sports betting and lotteries. The Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies) are in charge of casinos and gambling in Italy and are responsible for issuing licences permit gambling to take place.

Online gambling in Italy had a rough start, with sites being blocked within the country. Providers would be allowed over time as long as they has an Italian casinos licence. It would become easier though over time, with new laws enabling online casinos to be opened as long as they meet the required guidelines. Laws are strict but they aim to provide the best experience for the Italian people, with only two-hundred licenses allowed to be be issued at any one time.

Italy and casino have had a long history together. As time goes by, new concepts, ideas and games will be released and it's likely that Italy will be at the forefront and be part of the continuing story of casinos.

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